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This is Crownn Records

Crownn Records was established in 1998 in Dublin, Ireland before relocating to Berlin, Germany (2002) and Los Angeles, California (2010). As of January 2023, the walk-in central operating office is in Dubai, UAE. 


We are a traditional independent label that partners with territorial distributors that has the experience and structure to place a physical record on the shelf. 


Our catalogue consists of past or present artists that have toured while promoting a physical release. 

As part of our 25th Anniversary year-long celebration we thought it was important to share our history with facts in a 4 part series. Below are the facts supported by cited references from 1998-2003. 



Ailon's "Fake Hope", a digitally released album (2021), is now available on Vinyl in record stores throughout Europe. 


Composed by Philip Ailon Karageorgiou
Published by Ailion/WillMatPublishing.

Format: Digital / Vinyl

Territory: Europe



Afro Congo Compilation, Vol. 1

The eccentric Afro-Congo / Afro Beats produced by Ulrich Yokohama . was recorded in Brazilia, Congo, during the summer of 2019 through 2020. 


The album was released in 2020 via digital format but is now in retail stores throughout Europe on vinyl due to public demand. 

Format: Digital / Vinyl

Territory: Europe 

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